Winsulate provide a range of asbestos survey and consultancy services, designed to provide clients with efficient asbestos identification and assessment.

These services are critical to help our clients meet their regulatory responsibilities and protect all stakeholders. Our surveyors are experienced within all environments, qualified to regulatory standards and work in line with HSG264 guidance.

Management surveys

Management surveys enable our clients to understand where their asbestos risks lie, whether within a particular building or across an entire estate. Management surveys enable our clients to develop an effective asbestos management plan and can support wider permit to work systems.

Refurbishment surveys

Refurbishment surveys are specifically undertaken in advance of planned refurbishment works. Prior to undertaking an individual or programme of improvements, we provide our clients with the relevant level of data to ensure any asbestos installations are known and treated accordingly prior to the commencement of any refurbishment works.

Demolition surveys

Demolition surveys are undertaken prior to the dismantling or destruction of structures. Intrusive in nature, these surveys are designed to provide clients with a complete overview of asbestos installations including those likely to be contained within the fabric or structure of the building or area.

Sampling and bulk analysis

Winsulate can arrange to attend site and collect bulk samples of material suspected to contain asbestos. Samples are submitted to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis, with the results available to our clients within 4 hours.