Coronavirus is a respiratory virus which can be spread by infected persons through tiny droplets released from the nose and mouth as they cough. A single cough can produce unto 3,000 droplets and can consequently quickly contaminate surrounding surfaces and environments.

Currently experts predict the virus can survive on surfaces for upto 3 days, with various factors reducing this lifecycle (temperature, surface material etc).

As coronavirus continues to spread, many UK organisations are fearing environments potentially contaminated with Covid-19.

Covid-19 can be inactivated within a minute by disinfecting surfaces with many household cleaners however many institutions simply do not have the resource or capacity to undertakeΒ larger-scale decontamination exercises. Similarly many people will be concerned about the effectiveness of DIY containment and decontamination within a commercial environment and as a result, would prefer to appoint a specialist, experienced contractor.

Winsulate have over 30 years experience in the control of hazardous materials and the decontamination of commercial environments.

> All personnel trained and experienced in the remediation of hazardous materials

> State of the Art Mobile Containment and Decontamination Facilities

> Hazardous Waste Carriers and Transfer Licenses

> Fully Insured for the remediation of Covid-19

> Respiratory and Personal Protective Equipment certified for protection against biological agents

> Decontamination procedures written in line with the latest Coronavirus recommendationsΒ 

> 24/7 Emergency Response, Nationwide